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We have the highest ambitions for the quality of our work, teams and operations.

 we have the exciting opportunity to build from the ground up, progressing best practice as we go.


We thoroughly embrace remote working, combined with collaborative tools and processes, to create an inclusive, supportive and highly productive working environment.


And, of course, we want to work with the best of the best people, in all areas of our business: talented, adaptable and ambitious self-starters who want to drive themselves, their team and the company to new levels of achievement.


At Rosesun VFX we appreciate the great value that comes with creating teams that represent many diverse beliefs and visions. We have many ideas and ambitions to support our commitment to a diverse work culture and will be providing details on these as we grow.


If this excites you, please let us know by clicking on the link below, so we can be in touch as opportunities arise.

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